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A valid referral has to be current and come from a general practitioner or another specialist.

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Dr Kartik Bhatia

First Consultation - Kartik Bhatia

Dr Stephen Winters

First Consultation - Hugh Stephen Winters

Botox Clinic

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Nerve Conduction Studies

To book this appointment you must have seen your doctor within 3-12 months from your initial consultation.

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neurological services

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Neurologist Sydney


The specialist will take a detailed and thorough history about your neurological problem/s, perform a comprehensive physical examination and examine test results that are already available.

neurology sydney

Care Co-ordination

Our secretaries will arrange the tests for you in advance before you leave. This is so that we can arrange for a timely follow-up after the tests and the results are available for review.


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The consultation cost will vary depending on the service enquired, appointment duration, medicare availability and other factors. Please use this calculator to get an estimate of your cost on the day of your consultation.

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